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When and Where to Use Hashtags Offline

The hashtag, #, is a relatively new invention. They’re widely used on social media and are essentially keywords. They’re used to help identify the topic in the content and they can be used by business owners to capture audience attention. Hashtags are used to help people find and join conversations. When you use them, you increase your ability to become part of those relevant conversations. While social media is the primary channel where the hashtag is used, you can use them offline to help boost your social media activity.


Are you hosting an offline event? Maybe you’re conducting a workshop or weekend seminar. Or perhaps you’re participating in a local charity event. Create a hashtag for the event. Position the hashtag in all of your relevant marketing materials. For example, if you’re participating in a local health fair you might have a banner, marketing brochures, and t-shirts. Print your hashtag on all of these materials. It connects your supporting online materials. When people search the hashtag they will find you’re online marketing content too.

Print Media

Any publications that you have can be tied to unique hashtags. These hashtags can again connect your online and offline marketing content. You can also use hashtags to help achieve a marketing goal. For example, anyone who searches your hashtag may be led to a free downloadable eBook, a coupon for your products or services, or a contest entry.


Last but not least, you can include hashtags in your offline advertisements. Memorable hashtags can be an excellent tool to create a memorable campaign and to get people talking about your organization.

A hashtag campaign is a unique and effective way to bridge the gap between offline and online marketing efforts. They can be part of a long term marketing approach or a short campaign launch. One thing that’s important when you’re creating offline and online integration is the concept of voice. Next time we’ll take a look at what voice is and how you can communicate it consistently on any marketing channel.

David Breth
Co-founder, Apple Pie Business Consulting
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