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What Should You Measure and Track? 3 Metrics For Online and Offline Marketing

Are you’re marketing efforts working? How do you know? Ideally, you’re tracking a few key pieces of data. You’re measuring the information and using it to set new marketing goals and objectives. When you’re striving to integrate you’re online and offline marketing tactics and to build a cohesive and well profitable, marketing strategy it’s essential to measure and track a few key metrics.

Key Metrics to Track and Measure
Return on Investment – Offline marketing isn’t cheap. It can cost you several thousand dollars for a print ad placed in your local newspaper or in an industry periodical. How do you know if you will have a return on your investment? One of the steps marketers take is to ask new customers how they found the business.
If they say “I saw your ad in ABC magazine,” then you can add that to the tally. However, this tracking system is full of holes. It’s more efficient and productive to send your advertisement viewers to your website. You can track every single visit your ad generates by measuring visits to a unique website address, which you can create specifically for your ad.
Conversions and Click Throughs – Online you’ll measure conversions and a click through rate. These are essentially people who have taken the action that you requested them to take. “Buy now,” “Visit my website,” and “Download my free report,” are all examples of requests or calls to action. Each time the desired action is taken you’re able to measure a “click through” or a “Conversion.”

Other metrics you can measure online and off include;

* Customer value
* Customer loyalty
* Subscribers
* Visits
* Return or repeat visits

Once you’ve established your goals for your marketing strategy, decide how you’re going to achieve your goals and how you’re going to measure success. When linking offline and online branding you’ll want your tactics to support one another and achieve the same objective. Speaking of objectives, next time we’ll take a look at how you can integrate social media into your print marketing efforts.

David Breth
Co-founder, Apple Pie Business Consulting
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