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Frequently Asked Questions

Website Design Service is a vast venture. To understand some basics of website design service, here is a list of the most frequently asked questions.

1. Is your company truly qualified to create my required website?

The answer is a resounding yes! Apple Pie Business Consulting prides itself for being in this industry for __ years. Our team employs the best designers dedicated to their craft and to your passions. We have served a number of satisfied clients across the globe, and we maintain good relations with them. Please feel free to check our portfolios for some samples of our previous works.

2. Why is a website essential for my enterprise?

The World Wide Web is the playground of the entire globe when it comes to just about anything you can think of, businesses and shops included. Hence, a physical store might not be enough for a growing enterprise to manage. It needs the support of a reliable website to reach customers from far areas, even from overseas. A website will also provide you with an easy one-go-to area about your products and services. In your website, you can talk to your customers, provide a venue for displaying your entire catalog, ask for customer reviews, get feedback for products and a buy and sell transaction via online bank partners.

3. Will my website take a long time to be ready?

YIt depends on several factors. The type of content, the number of pages, the design complexity and the functionality features all add up to the factors affecting the length of a website creation. Generally speaking, a fully functional website with customizations based on client inputs may take at least 1-4 weeks to begin, plus an additional 1-6 weeks for the developmental stage to completion. True to our commitment to client satisfaction, we will keep in mind the deadlines you have set and try our best to stick to that timeframe if it is reasonably attainable.

4. How much would I spend for my website?

It is hard to generalize a standard quote for the price of website designing and creation. It all boils down to the custom specifications your website will have – from the design to the functionality features that it will have. That is why we strongly encourage you to contact us to provide a general estimate based on your specific needs. However, research on the internet has found out that an average fully-functional website may cost between $1,000-$2,000, or even more. This excludes web hosting fees.

5. Can I take a peek at my website while it is being developed?

Of course! The work we do is for you; you are the client and you have the right to check on the progress of your new website. It is even strongly encouraged that you check on the site through a username and password that we will provide for your easy access.

6. Will my website work on mobile devices?

Yes, they will. We take careful steps to ensure that the websites we create are also mobile device-friendly and can be fully functional on a mobile phone.

7. Do you use current technology to create the websites?

Yes, we are adept in this field and we use tools such as XHTML, CSS, Flash, PHP, XML, DHTML, Word Press and JavaScript, among others.

8. Which payment options do you most prefer?

Credit card, PayPal, Western Union and/or company checks are accepted.

If you have questions about graphic designs, please free to call  (631) 259-7714 or email us, and we will reply within 24-hours or less – Guaranteed (Monday through Friday)

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