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Using Local Industry Articles to Generate New Business

With most consumers doing a quick Google search for local products and services, a positive online presence is absolutely vital for the modern brick and mortar store. Here is a quick guide to help demystify the “science” behind creating meaningful industry articles to help get new customers into your store.

Let’s say you own a juice bar in Los Angeles, CA. You will want to create content that incorporates the keywords people are typing in when looking for juice bars in Los Angeles. For example, “cold-pressed juice in Los Angeles” or “LA juice bars” may be popular terms. Be sure to integrate them into your article in a natural way that will capture the attention of local prospects.

People today spend much of their lives online and, as a result, are becoming much savvier at picking out promotional content. Most readers are inclined to skip sponsored articles in favor of something that feels a bit more authentic. Before writing your article, try putting yourself in the reader’s shoes by asking yourself a few questions, such as:

* Is the content engaging? Does it read as conversational, or is it full of language that is difficult to grasp?
* Does the use of keywords seem forced or natural? Avoid “keyword stuffing” or forcing keywords awkwardly into a sentence.
* Is the information useful to the reader? Be it a post on how to save water in your household, or a salad recipe made with local produce, how can you leverage your industry expertise in a way that connects with your target consumer?

Getting More Views and Shares

The more platforms your industry articles link to, the greater chance a potential customer finds your website. Post articles to your company’s social media pages and, remember, posts that include images get more likes and shares. Facebook friends can be a great resource for promoting blog posts, as they are likely to share an article they find interesting or useful.

Another option is becoming a guest blogger on a well-known website. Submitting articles through other platforms can increase your readership, and in turn, generate traffic to your own site.

Remember, Quality Counts

Flooding search engines with a deluge of industry articles might sound like a good way to get your business on the map, but it can actually have the opposite effect. Search engines such as, Google, Bing, and Yahoo! are becoming more aware that some businesses churn out low-quality articles en masse to generate more web traffic and, as a result, are flagging such articles as spam.

Regardless of the spam risk, writing thoughtful, well-researched content is invaluable, fostering a meaningful connection with the reader.

Don’t Overthink It!

Creating relevant content that promotes web traffic, and by extension, in-store customers, should not be daunting. Have fun, and create the kinds of articles you would want to read. Whether it is an article on how to save gas money, make a healthier smoothie, or find your signature cologne, finding a way to connect to customers is key.