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Tips to Use Analytics in Your Offline Marketing

Do you use analytics to track and measure your online marketing? If you don’t, it’s strongly recommended that you begin. Analytics provides an abundance of information about how visitors arrive at your website and what they do when they’re there. You might be surprised to learn that analytics can also have an impact on your offline marketing. Let’s explore how you can use your data to improve your offline efforts.

Custom Landing Pages

Any offline marketing pieces that are designed to drive traffic to your website should have a unique website address. You want the URL to only be used on that particular marketing piece. This way, you can track the effectiveness of your offline marketing by measuring visits and action taken on the site once they visit the web page. For example, you may have a postcard, a print ad, and an in office poster all promoting the same offer. While the offer is the same, each piece directs people to a unique URL. The page that people see will be the same, it’s just the address that’s different so you can track which marketing piece has generated the best results.

Promotional Codes

In a previous message we talked about offline promotional codes and using social media, email, and your website to provide the codes. Google Analytics offers a feature called “Custom Variables” that allows you to set a custom variable on your promotional code field. This enables you to determine how many times your promo codes are used and what pieces of offline marketing were most effective.

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