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Tips to Embrace the Power of Cross Promotion

How do your prospects and customers engage with you? Are they able to choose the channels and formats they prefer? Do you offer a variety of ways for your audience to interact with you online and offline?

The concept of cross promotion, using one marketing channel to promote the other, offers you and your audience a number of benefits including the ability to access information and material the way they prefer.

Engage the Way You Want too.

When you offer a variety of ways to interact with you, your prospects can pick and choose. We all have our own unique preferences for engaging, finding content, and researching. One person may prefer to stick to social media whereas another may like to pick up the phone and give you a call. When you serve the needs and wants of your audience, you’re able to position yourself as a solution and a resource for more people.

Informing Your Audience.

Cross promotion means that you inform your audience of their options. For example, your voice mail message might let callers know that they can find your FAQ page on your website. Your social media page should include your contact information including your phone number. Your email signature should also include both your contact information and your social media page link.

Take a look at your existing marketing channels and tactics. How can you begin to cross promote each channel? Start the process. Next time, we’ll take a look at how to promote one special across all of your marketing channels, online and offline.

David Breth
Co-founder, Apple Pie Business Consulting
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