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Tips for Connecting Your Online and Offline Marketing with Images

Images have become a primary component in effective marketing. We’re a visual society and with the growth of online visual channels like YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram as well as information driven sites like and; it appears that visuals are the foundation of good content.

However, if your offline visuals aren’t consistent and supportive of your online content, then you’re sending mixed messages. When prospects and customers receive mixed messages it leads to confusion and they may look elsewhere.

* Make Sure Your Visuals Have a Purpose. It’s not uncommon for people to throw an image into a brochure or a website because they think it needs one. Yet, if your visuals don’t have a purpose, then they are nothing more than a distraction. That will not help your marketing. Your images and graphics need to help make a point or support a point in your marketing material.

* What’s The Goal? Create a goal for the marketing piece and align your visuals with the goal. If they don’t support your content and your goal, get rid of the images.

 * Consistent Colors. Colors evoke emotions and give your content an overall feeling. This feeling should reflect, support your brand and your voice. Be consistent across all marketing channels online and offline to create a strong brand.

Finally, try to create a consistent look and feel to your graphics including any videos, photographs, and infographics. When your images have a unique and unified appearance, you’ll be helping to brand your business.

Next time we’ll take a look at using social media and coupon codes to promote your offline marketing efforts and vice versa.

David Breth
Co-founder, Apple Pie Business Consulting
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