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Tips for a Consistent and Authentic Link Strategy

In order to increase your company’s online and offline visibility, you need to establish a consistent and authentic link strategy. Linking to and from websites related to your business and industry help build credibility and helps to lay a foundation of authenticity for both you and your business. But there’s a “right” way to do it.

Go Local

An effective link strategy is not just about building links to your business’ website—there is an offline component as well. One imperative way small businesses build a name for themselves is through local link building. Even the smallest community has the potential for abundant business opportunities if you leverage them properly. Successful strategies commonly include:

* Building on Local Relationships—Offer testimonials for and participate in other people’s events.
Increasing Community Presence—Look for new opportunities to get involved in your community. Consider getting involved in local boards and giving to charities.
* Creating a Local Blog—Create content that has a completely local focus and will potentially produce an emotional response from the people of your community.

Go Viral

Of course, the goal of your website is creating genuine traffic that will convince people to purchase your goods and services from your website or by visiting your store. Creating a professional-looking website is useful only if potential customers can see it. Business owners who want to build their online presence will:

Share Website Links—Take advantage of social media. Create Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Instagram pages and share your links when appropriate.
Include Website Links—When creating newsletters, either physical or via email, include links to the website to make it easier for people to act.
Do Not Spam—Do not share your website via blog comments or online forums. Spamming severely damages your credibility and gives off an unauthentic feel.

Keep it Real

When developing an authentic link strategy, the most vital tip one needs to consider is this: do not be fake. Most people can tell when someone is using them for his or her own gain and loathe having anything to do with the user. Not only does it potentially sour your relationship with that one person, but that person will likely speak about it to others, and your reputation will take a hit—particularly in a small community. Be true to yourself and be prepared to establish a give and take relationship with other business people in your community.

The Only Constant in Life is Change

All the suggestions relayed here require consistent effort. The most important thing a business owner looking to create a consistent and authentic strategy for link building can do is to be committed. You need to be willing to do what you need to do and willing to adapt your strategy when needed. What works in the short term may not in the long term. Therefore, you need to review your strategy regularly to determine if it is working. Moreover, if not, decide what needs to change and move forward. Be bold and do not be afraid of mistakes; instead, learn from them.