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The Role of Redirect Domains in Your Integrated Marketing Efforts

Last time we talked about analytics, custom URLs, and promo codes. They’re a way to use offline marketing tactics to drive traffic to your website and to track offline marketing efforts. Another tactic is to use is “redirect domains.” It can be a simpler way to track offline marketing results online.

Redirect Domains

Redirect domains are essentially pointers or a way to forward a person to a different web page or URL. When your visitors are accessing a web page on the redirected domain, their browser’s URL is changed to the domain to which it is being redirected. This allows you to use the same URL on all of your offline marketing materials. It’s much cleaner and easier for your prospects and customers to manage. Additionally, when you use a shortened URL the website address is much easier for prospects to remember.

By using redirect domains, which can be set up with your website hosting service, you can have your visitors see custom landing pages created specifically for your marketing promotion.

When creating redirect domains there are a few keys to success online and off. The first is that you want to make sure your URL is unique and attention grabbing. Consider adding keywords to it to help make it memorable and relevant. Also, steer clear of creating duplicate websites because Google can penalize you for duplicate content. Make each website is unique to your marketing needs and goals.

Next time we’ll take a look at ideas to use offline events to drive online interaction.

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