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The Power of Complimentary Online and Offline Marketing Strategies

Last week we talked about online and offline content marketing. The purpose of content marketing is to provide a value to motivate your reader to take action. The action can be anything from downloading a report to buying your most expensive product or service. One of the challenges to a content marketing campaign is too make sure that you have enough ideas to consistently deliver valuable content.

Let’s talk about complimentary strategies.

When you’re planning your online and offline content, look ahead and plan a few months’ worth of content. Make it easier on yourself and give your marketing a boost by creating a theme for the week or for the month.

For example, a nutritionist might talk about vitamin D in her online and offline content in November and talk about indulging during December. The themes are relevant to her clients and timely so they’re valuable. It’s also easier to come up with content ideas and create a stronger impression when you approach content marketing with a theme or a complimentary strategy.

 Here’s an example of how the nutritionist might approach it if her goal was to build her email list.

 * Print newsletter article about the importance of vitamin D. At the end of the article she might prompt readers to download a report on the pros and cons of supplementing vitamin D.
* Free in office event about how to get more vitamin D in your diet. At the end of the event she might invite attendees to download the supplementation report.
* Blog posts on a variety of vitamin D topics with a call to action that invites readers to download the report.
* Social media post on top 5 vitamin D food sources with a call to action that invites readers to download the report.

 It’s a simple example, but it shows how a variety of content all on a similar theme, can help achieve a singular marketing goal. The content is complimentary rather than competitive and the more a prospect connects with the nutritionist online and offline, the more value they’ll receive. Next time we’re stepping away from content and talking about advertising and video.

David Breth
Co-founder, Apple Pie Business Consulting
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