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Rewarding Loyal Customers

Are you interested in rewarding your loyal customers? How about motivating customers to help you promote your business while also providing value to their peers? We’re talking about digital rewards and location based check-in applications like Foursquare.

What are Location Based Apps?

Location based applications allow users to “check in” when they arrive at a destination. For example, let’s say that a person is looking for a massage. They use their app to find a massage therapist. They book an appointment. When they arrive, they check-in. The application then links to social media, or sends a text message to their friends, and announces where you are. When they check in, they receive a digital reward like a percentage off of their massage.

 Location Based Apps to Consider

 There are literally dozens of location based applications and your community may offer its own options. Nationally, consider:

* Mogl
* Foursquare
* Yelp
* Gowalla
* Whrrl
* BrightKite

Using Location Based Apps

The key to successful integration between offline and online marketing is to promote the same marketing message across in-store and online communications. In your office or place of business, use print marketing to let your customers know about your online activity. Invite them to use Foursquare for example. Highlight the reward they’ll get for checking in with this online service.

You can hand out postcards to clients that invite them to connect with you. You might have a poster near the front door or desk. You could mention the campaign on your voice mail message. Think about the offline in office marketing tactics you’re using and how you can promote your digital rewards campaign.

Next time we’ll take a look at goal setting and how it relates to your online and offline marketing strategy.

David Breth
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