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Our Guarantee

“Dave and Bella, does your company offer any guarantees? “You see, I have been down this road before with various business coaches and consulting companies. They have all claimed to offer, and to deliver. However, very few came through. When one or two did come through, I felt like I was just a number. Then there were the consultants that always gave excuses. They gave excuses such as… why this or that did not happen, or not within the time frame that they promised. They told me it would happen…. blah, blah, blah! How can I feel that your words and promises, such as we guarantee our work are valid?”
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Great Questions…..

Just ask OUR CUSTOMERS such as professional corporate magician Kevin Bethea of He will reveal that he knows firsthand all our services are backed without excuses or flimsy weasel clauses. As we were building his website, there were several hiccups beyond our control but that was not Mr. Bethea’s fault. As a result, we “ate” his balance (which was over $400).

Corporate MAGICIAN Kevin Bethea MAGIC

If we do not fulfill each and every item that we agree to deliver in our contract/agreement -then there are no hassles for you, no whining, no bait-and-switch and no weak excuses. We give you one-hundred percent of your money back and you keep all the work we completed for you and your business – free and clear!

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