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Tired of Hustling
Just to Make Ends Meet?

You’re making money on the internet. You’ve accomplished something few people ever learn to do. You feel proud and you’re able to pay your bills. There’s just one problem…

You’re constantly hustling.

You balance demanding projects and tight deadlines. You live paycheck to paycheck, hoping to have enough just to keep the lights on. You’re tired and overwhelmed. You know there’s got to be a better way to make money online.

Launching Your Own Membership
Site Could Be the Answer

Imagine getting 100 customers to pay you $10 each month. That’s an extra $1,000 in online income every month.
or Imagine getting 10 customers to pay you $97 each month. That’s an extra $970 in online income every month.

Even better, memberships are scale-able businesses. You could grow your membership from 100 to 1,000 customers without increasing your workload!

  • You could stop the feast and famine cycle forever.
  • You could accurately predict your income each month.
  • You could get paid without having to work crazy hours.
There’s just one tiny problem…how the heck do you start a membership site? What would you offer? Who would buy it? How would you get the word out?
Get Started Building
Your Membership Site

That’s why I created my latest resource, Membership Profits: Create & Launch Your Mini Membership.

This is a meaty eBook filled with ideas insights to help you get started with this business model. You’ll learn how to find your target audience, discover what they want, and deliver it month after month.

You’ll even get worksheets so you can take what you’re learning and implement it. Now more information overload, just a simple action plan to take you from hustling and hoping to profiting and proud.

Don’t Get Bogged Down
in the Technical Challenges

If you’ve ever considered creating a membership, then you know that one of the first hurdles is getting the tech set up.

But this short guide is going to help you beat tech overwhelm. Inside your eBook, you’ll get a simple list of tools you can use to build a membership. Some of these tools aren’t technical at all!

In fact, some of them might be tools you’re already using, like a mailing list.  Build your membership without having to turn into a tech genius or even touch a line of coding.

Discover Promotion Strategies
that Actually Deliver Results

Getting the technical side of your membership set up is only part of the battle. You still need web traffic. So, I’m sharing my best strategies to show you how to get traffic and convert those visitors into happy subscribers.

I’ll teach you to use smart marketing methods like live streaming, Facebook groups, webinars, and so much more. You’ll come away with lots of ideas and inspiration for showcasing your membership.

Get Affiliates Buzzing
about Your Tiny Membership Site

People love sharing a good deal with their friends and colleagues. This is called word-of-mouth marketing and you can use it to your advantage by offering an affiliate program with your membership.

Users who talk about your site on social media and on their blogs will get a small amount of “thank you” cash for referring friends to your service. But getting those first few affiliates can be tricky. That’s why I dedicate a whole chapter in my eBook to talking about recruiting affiliates.

You’ll see exactly what plugins and tools I recommend you use to create an affiliate program, what type of swipe content to prepare, and how to motivate your affiliates. It’s everything you need to start building an army of eager affiliates.

Learn How to Keep Your
Members Happily Subscribed

Don’t just get members to join–make sure your members stay subscribed to your content. I’m going to show you how…

In the final chapter of your eBook, you’ll learn tips and tricks for increasing your membership base. You’ll also get simple hacks that make subscribers stay in your funnel for months or even years. So, you can preserve your income stream without worry.

Take Action Today
to Start Your Membership Site

You’re ready to break free of the hustle. You want reliable income so you can have peace of mind and start living better. You want fewer hours so you can spend more time with your loved ones, have time to travel, and pursue your favorite hobbies.

You can get the life you want. But you have to take action now. Otherwise, you’ll wake up in a year or two, wishing you’d followed through. Remember, freedom is waiting for you. All you have to do is take action…

David Breth

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