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Frequently Asked Questions About Local SEO

Keeping your business on top of Google is our business. If you are a new enterprise or have never tried local a SEO before, chances are you have a limited background on how helpful SEO services can be. Don’t worry; here are a few questions people ask regarding this service, as well as some questions we frequently receive about our company. If you didn’t find the answers or have other questions, feel free to contact us anytime. Email me at

1. Why should I choose your company for my needs?

Apple Pie Business Consulting is a good choice for local SEO services, we cater to clients in various business enterprises. Whether you have a start-up venture or already established in your field, we provide dynamic local SEO services to help you grow and succeed. Apple Pie Business Consulting employs a host of SEO experts who can effectively formulate the needed strategies to make your business a leader in your industry.

2. What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is all about optimizing your local business website to effectively feature clear information about your business, the services you provide, as well as other fresh and unique content regarding the industry you’re in. This is done in a variety of ways, including complex measures that’ll help drive people to your site.

3. Why is traffic important for my business?

Since technology has boomed, the use of directories has been deemed to provide poor results in helping local businesses grow and have a large following. The use of social media, the Internet and apps have made it easier for businesses to be known. The majority of people now have access to these kinds of technology; they mainly know about the services they want through the Internet. Traffic is important to your site because it serves as a gauge in judging if your business is doing well in your field. The more people that visit your site; the better your chances of having a more successful venture growth.

4. I already wrote content for my site. Isn’t that okay?

Yes, your content is great and it does help bring people’s attention to your enterprise, but it’s not enough. As said earlier, various techniques and options to increase your visibility on top of search engines also come from complex factors such as link researches. It won’t harm to have these other tools by your side.

5. What else can be done to improve my business listings?

Businesses are listed on certain sites called business listings, where people can also post reviews for each venture. To effectively improve business listings, a company needs to have accurate and consistent business information across the Internet. It must also be regularly updated to reflect changes you may have made on certain things, such as promotional discounts or business hours.

6. What is the time-frame needed to fully optimize my business site?

We can’t really tell (until we see your website and run a full analysis report — which is free for you so, we can see if we are good fit for you and your business needs); it’s a continuous process that can go on for months depending on the business and the website that you have. You can message us for a free consultation so that we can provide you a customized plan with a time-frame suited to your needs.

7. How much are your services?

We strive to keep our services competitive with the rest of the industry. But there are no clean-cut rates. It’ll all be dependent on the services you would require and the length of time we can complete your project. We suggest having a free consultation with us in order to effectively talk about your needs, and from there we can determine all costs. With us, there are no hassles or obligations to speak with us. We are not pushy sales people — we respect you and your time restraints.

8. Will my business really improve if I employ local SEO services?

Definitely! Visit our reviews page and see our successful clients who made their respective businesses boom after local SEO techniques were been applied to them. It’s effective, and we work hard to make our clients satisfied and successful!

If you have questions about SEO, please free to call  (631) 259-7714 or email us, and we will reply within 24-hours or less – Guaranteed (Monday through Friday)