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Is Your Brand Message Consistent?

One mistake that often happens when businesses strive to connect their offline and online marketing is that the brand message becomes confused. While it’s true that you may provide different content and use different marketing approaches online and offline, your brand needs to stay the same. Prospects and customers need to know what to expect from your company. A consistent brand strengthens awareness, trust, and credibility.

How do You Create a Consistent Brand?

Your brand is how your business can make your customers and prospects feel. A strong and consistent brand demonstrates the unique value your business has to offer. It accurately reflects who you are and what you’re about.

When defining your brand, you probably looked at your vision and mission, as well as your values.  In addition, hopefully you envisioned where you would like your company to be in five, ten and twenty years from now. You also probably explored how your business is different from your competition and created a Unique Selling Proposition or USP.

Those key elements of your brand are far beyond the simple logo and tagline. It’s about the language you use in your marketing materials and how you approach your audience. One step to make sure your branding is consistent in every marketing channel and tactic is to ask yourself how the piece makes your prospects feel. If the feeling matches the feeling your brand is intended to evoke, you’re on the right track.

Next time we’ll take a look at how to bridge the gap of online and offline marketing with cross promotional offers.

David Breth
Co-founder, Apple Pie Business Consulting
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