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How to Set Up a Google Plus Local Review

Worried about the sudden changes Google has made to Google Places? Wondering how the new Google Plus Local format will affect those all-important business reviews? Well, you can relax. Google Plus Local is actually a great change – and one that will enable customers to leave more comprehensive, detailed, and accurate reviews than before. What’s more is that Google has made the whole process super simple, even for those completely unfamiliar with the Google Plus user interface. Want the details? Here are instructions for how to set up a Google Plus Local review in five easy steps:

Create a Google Plus account. You must have your own Google Plus account in order to leave reviews. However, you can now leave reviews from either a personal Google Plus profile or a business Google Plus page account.

Visit the Google Plus Local page of the business you want to review. This is simple: log in to your Google Plus account and search the left hand side of the screen for a vertical tab menu. See the “Local” tab? Click on that to access the Google Plus Local search. Once you are on the appropriate page, you click on the “Write a Review” button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Rate the business.  The new Google Plus Local rating system – called the Zagat scale – will ask that you rate the business from 0 to 3 on a number of different aspects related to the particular business you are reviewing (food and service categories when grading restaurants, for example). The numbers you enter are then calculated according to the Zagat scale formula in order to deliver an overall rating of 0 to 30. This score is also broken down into specific categories in order that page visitors can accurately assess different aspects of the business – including its strengths and weaknesses.

Write a review. Underneath the Zagat scale rating section is a text box in which you can write your business review. Take your time and be sure to provide plenty of detail, as well as specific tips and suggestions you would recommend potential customers follow when dealing with the business. Also, be sure to go over your review once you’ve finished it, in order to add any missed information and edit mistakes.

Publish your review. Once you are sure that you have rated and reviewed the business to your satisfaction, it is time to publish the review. Click on the “Publish” button underneath the review text box to publish it to the business’ Google Plus Local page. The review will be listed under your profile, and anyone who sees the review, including the business itself, will be able to check out your profile page.

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