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How to Promote Your Top Sellers on Your Website

What products or services do you promote in your offline marketing materials? Chances are they’re your top sellers. These are the products that help create customer loyalty and they may also be your highest priced products.

A website is an essential component of online marketing. You can use your website to help promote your top products.  These are the ones that you feature in your offline marketing materials.

There are a few keys to success.

Above the Fold

The first important step is to make sure that your offline promoted products are featured above the fold on your website. The “Fold” is the point at which the screen ends. When a visitor has to scroll down, that content is considered to be below the fold. You want your visitors to be able to see your featured products or services without having to scroll down.

Price Consistency

Be certain that the prices that are reflected in your print marketing materials, radio ads, television ads and other offline materials match the prices reflected on your website

Optimize for the Search Engines

Make sure that the descriptions and supporting website content is optimized for the search engines. Use targeted keyword phrases including phrases that identify product features like color, size, or duration. For example: “A 60-minute therapeutic massage” can help prospects find the exact service they’re looking for on a massage therapist’s website.

Adding your featured products or services to your website helps strengthen your customer’s experience. It reinforces their interactions with you online and offline. It also helps them find exactly what they are looking for. Next time we’ll talk about how to connect your online and offline marketing with images.

David Breth
Co-founder, Apple Pie Business Consulting
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