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How to Get More from Your Business Newsletter

Do you have a company newsletter? It’s a great idea! Newsletters help keep your customers engaged with your business. They receive both news about your organization and valuable information. You’re fostering the connection with them and providing value.

The only downside is that newsletters need to be printed and mailed. Both can be costly. You can actually capitalize on this expense and the environmental impact to justify a move to a downloadable newsletter.

Offer a New Format

While still printing and mailing your newsletter, offer your customers the opportunity to support your environmentally friendly initiative and to receive the newsletter in their email inbox. You can promote the new downloadable newsletter directly in your printed version.

Decide if you’re going to continue with both a printed and a downloadable newsletter or if you’re going to transition to download only. Give your customers time to make the transition and consider adding an incentive to making the switch. For example, when customers sign up for your email newsletter, maybe they get a percentage off their next purchase.

Once you have your customers signed up, ask them to promote your newsletter by sharing it with their friends and family and also sharing it on social media. Invite them to follow you and begin transitioning your customers into your online community.

Email is a powerful marketing tool and allows you to build stronger connections. Your offline newsletter can help make the transition to email easier. Next time we’ll talk about providing valuable information both online and offline as a means of integrating your marketing and building a strong strategy.

David Breth
Co-founder, Apple Pie Business Consulting
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