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How to Build Your Social Media Community

How active are you on social media? Are your efforts generating the results you’d like or are they falling flat? If you’re using offline promotional tactics to drive traffic to your social media profiles, then it’s essential that your social media activity is kicked up too. If people begin connecting with you on social media and there’s no effort to engage and build your community, then your efforts are lost. Let’s take a look at a few tips to help build your social media community.

Connect With Customers – If you’ve invited customers to connect with you on social media, by all means engage with them. Comment on their posts, ask them questions and get them involved in your community. You might consider creating a poll or survey to get feedback from them about your business. You can also invite them to special promotions or contests. Make your customers glad that they liked your Facebook page and that they have connected with you on social media.

Connect with Contractors and Employees – If your business is one where your employees work personally with your customers, consider connecting with them on social media. Ask them to share, comment, and interact with your business page. Invite them to contribute to your social media posts and comments and begin creating conversations.

Consistency Matters – Make sure that you are active on social media every single day. That may sound overwhelming and time consuming. Keep in mind that there are tools you can use to automate some of your interactions.

For example, your email newsletter can automatically be posted on Facebook and Twitter. New blog posts can be scheduled and linked to social media as well. You can also outsource or hire an assistant to interact with your audience for a few minutes each day.

Be present and active on social media to build your community. Social media can also be used to build your online and offline newsletter. Next time we’ll take a look at email marketing and how to get more from your print newsletter.

David Breth
Co-founder, Apple Pie Business Consulting
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