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Add Social Media to Your Print Marketing…

How engaging is your print marketing? Does it lead readers to your website or social media page? Are your print pieces actually accomplishing anything and if so, what? One of the goals for print marketing is to build interaction and engagement with your business.

There are a few marketing channels that will allow you do accomplish this. Social media is one of the more powerful online marketing channels and you can use your print marketing to boost your social media interaction.

Identify Your Goal

The goal for your print marketing is to be as effective as possible in order to boost the social media interaction. However, even if your goal is to drive traffic to your website or to a sales page, instead of social media, you may want to also include your social media information in your print marketing.

Decide what social media account is most important to you. In some instances, it may make sense to focus on one site over all of them. For example, you may have a Twitter account, Facebook account and a Pinterest account. Decide which account is most important to the success of your business and your marketing goals.

Create Consistency and Brand Recognition

One simple method to help create consistency and branding is to add your social media links to every print marketing piece that you publish. For example, if you have an article in a print publication then your Facebook page should be included in the footer or bio box of that article. If you publish an advertisement in a magazine, include links to your Facebook and other social media accounts. Include your Facebook address on everything like business cards, posters, receipts, and coupons.

Next time we’ll explore how to use offline promotional tactics to drive online interaction. Again, social media can play an important role in this tactic.

David Breth
Co-founder, Apple Pie Business Consulting
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