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A Secret for Successfully Integrating Online and Offline Marketing

How many marketing tactics are you using right now? How many campaigns do you have running currently and how many are in the works? It can become a muddled mess. Careful planning, organized timeline, and structure are the only way to make sure that your marketing efforts are as successful as possible.

Let’s be honest, unless you have help it’s easy for your marketing plan to get away from you. Some marketing tactics will fall short of your goals but because you’re so busy trying to keep it all together, you won’t notice or have time to fix them. What’s the solution?

Analytics and automating your marketing are two helpful approaches. However, in addition to embracing the power of technology, consider an old fashioned approach.

Focus on adding and integrating one tactic at a time.

Instead of trying to pull all of the pieces together and to expand your marketing efforts into several new channels, pull back and prioritize.

What marketing channel or tactic is most important to you – right now? What can generate the biggest results? Focus on this tactic first. Measure results, track the data, and fine tune your efforts to generate the highest return on investment.

For example, your goal might be to grow your email list through your offline print materials. Choose one print material or create an in office or in store campaign to send traffic to your opt-in page. Track how many visits your page gets and how many of those visits sign up. Work to increase your traffic to that page and your conversions. When you believe that the campaign is as good as it can be, right now, and then add another marketing channel or tactic to your plan.

This approach helps you create a laser focus on your marketing. Instead of feeling pulled twenty different ways, you can create powerful and effective marketing campaigns. Next time we’re going to go in a different direction and talk about QR codes.

David Breth
Co-founder, Apple Pie Business Consulting
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