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5 More Ideas to Promote Your Website Offline

Last week we talked about using car magnets, business cards, swag and other offline marketing tools to help spread the word about your website. Let’s cut to the chase and take a look at five more ideas to help promote your website offline.

  1. Your Telephone – When someone calls you and they either have to leave a message or they’re put on hold, what is their experience? What do they hear? This is a great time to let your callers know that you have a website. In fact, the information on your website may help them answer their question or solve their problem.
  1. Direct Mail – Do you send coupons and promotional offers to your prospects and customers? Do you have a mailing list? Next time you send out a mailer, make sure to include your website address on it. In fact, you might consider sending your mail list directly to a page where they can opt into your emails in addition to or instead of receiving direct mail.
  1. Print Ads – Including your website in your newspaper and magazine advertisements helps build web site awareness. When it’s included in a call to action, it also helps you measure the success of your advertisement.
  1. Articles – Do you occasionally publish articles in your newspaper or in industry publications? Make sure your website address is included in your bio box. Consider also including a call to action that motivates readers to visit your web site.
  1. Teaching Materials – Teach a local class through your community education program and include your website address on all of your course materials.

Your website is just one of your online marketing tools. Mobile technology is another. In fact, you can use mobile technology and a mobile website to support a service based business.

David Breth
Co-founder, Apple Pie Business Consulting
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