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3 Tips to Find Your Marketing Voice and Communicate It Consistently

Your marketing voice is synonymous with your company personality and brand. It is what your prospects hear when they engage with your business online and offline. It’s important for your voice to be consistent in all of your marketing tactics.

Consistency helps you bridge the gap between online and offline marketing and it also creates a unified experience for your audience. Before you can communicate your voice consistently, you need to define it.

* Think about your company personality. What adjectives come to mind? What adjectives would your customers use to describe your company? What words would you use to describe how your prospects “hear” your information and content?

* Read your existing marketing content. Does it reflect the same personality that you identified in #1? If you said that your customers would use the word, “friendly” to describe your voice and company, does your content support that? Is it friendly?

* Create a description of the voice and brand. What tone do you want to consistently communicate? Include your description as part of your brand description and marketing strategy. Make sure that all of your marketing content supports your brand identity.

A strong voice helps your customers differentiate you from your competition. It showcases your personality and connects you to prospects and customers. Maintaining a consistent voice across all marketing channels helps position your business positively in the minds of your prospects and customers.

Even your advertisements need to convey a consistent voice and message. Next time we’ll take a look at paid search and how you can use it to promote offline products.

David Breth
Co-founder, Apple Pie Business Consulting
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